About Us

NEWAYGO HANDYMAN was started by Newaygo resident Brent Vanderstelt. Brent has over 25 years years experience as a residential home builder, rehabber and landlord. Brent has personally owned and rehabbed over 200 homes as one the areas largest private land or property owners.

Brent created NEWAYGO HANDYMAN, your professional handyman! when he saw a need for a professional handyman and home repair business. Because not everyone can properly fix everything in a clean and professional manner. 
Most jobs are done by Brent himself, but at peak times, we may need to send one of our professional technicians to perform your work. 

How can I trust who is sent to my home?
Since 1986, Newaygo Handy Man has provided more than 2,000 residential and commercial clients with detailed handyman services. Each technician sent to your home has been through Newaygo Handy Man certification process, which includes a background check to ensure you receive the most trusted technician for your needs. Whether you need simple repairs or major improvements, we perform the work right the first time and in a timely manner.

Do you offer a workmanship guarantee?
Yes, Newaygo Handy Man offers a one year labor guarantee for most jobs completed at your home unless noted in writing. The labor for each project is guaranteed to be done correctly or we will fix it for free, no charge to you.

What is your one hour guarantee?
No more waiting around all day for a technician to come to your home, we guarantee that we will show up or call you within your one hour scheduled appointment time or you'll get $30.00 off your repairs.

How do you charge?
We charge by the job, not by the hour since most consumers want to know exactly what a project will cost before they begin. Newaygo Handy Man will come to your home or business and provide you with a free, no obligation estimate. If you agree with the investment we can begin the project or schedule it at your convenience.  If you don't agree with the investment then just say "I'm not interested at this time".  No worries, it's that simple.

Who picks up the material?
It's up to you.  Many of our clients have the material at their home or business and many of our clients have us pick up the materials. You’re the boss, we'll do whatever you would prefer.

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